Unleashing the Synergy of AI and Crypto

Octavus Prime leverages the power of blockchain technology and AI to build products that aids communities globally.
Combining AI and Crypto, unleashing full potential!

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The Octavus token incurs a SELL TAX of 8% for every SELL transaction made with Pancake Swap, ou initial DEX!
The TAX is distributed into Marketing, LP and Community token holders inorder to encourage holding the #Octavus Token

20% Sales

15% Marketing

10% Staking

10% Burn

10% Liquidity

10% Team

10% Development

15% CEX

Octavus AI Ecosystem

Octavus AI Chat-Bot

Introducing Octavus AI Bot - your dedicated AI-powered crypto companion on Telegram! Seamlessly engage with investors, answer queries, and foster meaningful conversations, all while staying up-to-date with the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Let Octavus elevate your crypto experience, providing real-time support and insights to help you make informed decisions. Welcome to the future of crypto communication!

Octavus AI image generator

Introducing Octavus Image - the cutting-edge AI image generator that brings your visions to life! Harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence, our generator crafts stunning, high-quality visuals based on your unique ideas and preferences. Unleash your creativity and transform your concepts into captivating images with Octavus image - the ultimate tool for artists, designers, and visionaries alike


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